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ATS: Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition V3.2 Mod
It's time to conquer the American tracks — install this Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition V3.2 Mod mod and feel like a truck driver who delivers important goods to incredible distances. Make your gameplay even more interesting and exciting!
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Try this Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition V3.2 Mod mod and make your gameplay more interesting and spectacular!
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Refinement and correction of the default model SCS.
– As a result, 3 types of cab: default (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inches),
with air vents (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inches) and enlarged factory (Studio Sleeper 86 inches).
– The default sleeper cabs, and the frame for them, removed.
– 3 types of sleeping bag in the interior, corresponding to the cab.
– Changed the geometry of the aperture of the windshield window, aligned to the external model,
point of attachment of the visor also corresponds to the external model.
– 3 frames (265 inches), and 4 frames (275 inches), with their tanks, one custom frame (295 inches).
– The saddle is moved closer to the cabin on all frames.
– 2 completely new bumpers (20 inches).
– 1 new visor V style (12 inches).
– Added Cb station (author odd_fellow) in the interior, reconfigured materials.
– Added 2 shift levers to the salon (by odd_fellow),
one stock and second long, with the possibility of tuning.
– Migrated almost all materials and textures on the truck and in the interior.
– Made a brighter red label on the hood.
– Reduced by 10 percent the size of the mirrors on the hood, I really did not like these healthy mugs.
– Suspension made softer on all frames, now it is pleasant to ride more swaying, the default is completely oak.
– Reconfigured the camera in the cabin, fov 67 and other parameters of turning the head.
– Increased the camera point adjustment range, by default it was impossible to install a camera closer to the torpedo.
– Replaced the default clumsy model of the radio, on the model from odd_fellow, tuned the materials.
– Reconfigured glow devices, on-board computer from the fashion author Piva.
– Added tuning “Pepsi jar ..” from the SISL pack
– Painted the engine in yellow colors CAT, on the outer model.
– Made headlight material separate from the windows of the cabin.
– Set the reflection of the glass in the cabin and on the external model.
Sounds for Kenworth W900 and W900 from Big Bob

Version 3.2 for American Truck Simulator (v1.31.x, 1.32.x):
Adaptation for 1.32
Powered by 1.33

How to install mod: Download this Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition V3.2 Mod mod and extract it. Place the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder.

Run the game,edit your profile and enable mod(s). Enjoy!

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